Welcome to the Barakuka hub, home to the many peculiar outlets of Gram: Musician, Producer, DJ, Author, Promoter and shameless Liar of old Camden Town. This singular hep unit of divine provocation makes for a cavalcade of rum gone caustic rock and roll, spiced by the calypso, the rumba, the mojo hoodoo of Africa in exile, of the Now but informed by the Then.  Gnostic Gospel for the frayed but mellow soul. 


Listen, if you will, to the Carnival of sound from Barakuka on the music tab, witness the now legendary night that is Club Limbo, read the tawdry tale of Mirrorhead on the mystical Isle of Duende, tune into the essay of music appreciation that is Radio Shangri La, see for yourself the celebration of sound and light from the comfort of the video section and gaze in awe at the gallery of fools.



Yes folks, see this zombie nation through the orange lens of indifference, a sideways glance at a lost generation when beer is not enough and common decency out of the question.